TREND meeting traditionally takes place at Kopaonik mountain. It gathers academic leaders, professors and students from all Serbian universities and is a place for exchanging experiences and ideas regarding improvement of higher education system and policies in Serbia. This year's meeting main theme was "Doctoral education in Serbia, in Western Balkans countries, and in EU".

DEUKS team found this meeting to be an excellent place for our project dissemination activities. During the TREND week we have presented our project, its goals and results at various occasions, and to a number of colleagues, students, and policy makers.

The working programme of DEUKS team during TREND week was as follows:

Saturday, February 28

   Arrival to Kopaonik

Sunday, March 1

   Coordination meeting

Monday, March 2

   Visit to the State University of Novi Pazar and Dissemination Workshop in Novi Pazar

Tuesday, March 3

Three currently running TEMPUS projects, coordinated in Serbia and devoted to doctoral education, were invited to present their objectives and so far obtained results during the special session "Joint TEMPUS Projects Workshop JADES – DEUKS - SoCD".

Programme of Joint TEMPUS Projects Workshop JADES – DEUKS - SoCD, March 3, 2009.

  • 20:15 Structure of Doctoral Studies – JADES project

Vladimir Katić, University of Novi Sad, F.Maciel Barbosa, FEUP-University of Porto, Evagellos Dialynas, National Technical University of Athens, Tatjana Konjić, University of Tuzla, Jovica Milanović, The University of Manchester, Mirko Todorovski, Sts.Ciril & Methodius University of Skopje, Vladimiro Miranda, INESC Porto

  • 20:25 DEUKS Tempus Project: DEUKS-Doctoral School towards European Knowledge Society

Marina Lenisa, Universita degli studi di Udine, Italy, L. Liquori, Institut National de Recherche, Sophia Antipolis, France, S. Lucas, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain, S. Ghilezan, J. Pantović, I. Vujkov, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Z. Ognjanović, Mathematical Inst. of the SANU, Serbia, Ć. Dolićanin, University of Novi Pazar, Serbia

  • 20:35 Tempus Project SoCD – System on Chip Design

Octavio Nieto-Taladriz, S. Bojanić, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

  • 20:45 DEUKS ICST > ICT > IT: Research Education Strategies at Udine University Project

Furio Honsell, Marina Lenisa, Universitŕ degli studi di Udine, Udine, Italy

  • 20:55 Tempus Project JADES – Joint Advanced Doctoral Degree in Energy Systems

Evagellos Dialynas, National Technical University of Athens, Vladimir Katić, University of Novi Sad, Tatjana Konjić, University of Tuzla, F.Maciel Barbosa, FEUP-University of Porto, Jovica Milanović, The University of Manchester, Mirko Todorovski, Sts.Ciril & Methodius University of Skopje, Vladimiro Miranda, INESC Porto

  • 21:05 DEUKS Accredited Doctoral Program in Applied Mathematics at the Faculty of Technical Sciences

Mila Stojaković, I. Kovačević, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia

  • 21:15 System on Chip Design: Master Studies Experience and Prospective for PhD Studies in Macedonia

Dimitar Trajanov, S. Filiposka, M. Lazarevska, FEIT, “Ss Cyril and Methodius” University, Skopje, Macedonia, A. Grnarov, Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, SEE University-Tetovo, Macedonia

  • 21:25 DEUKS Doctoral Studies in Serbia - Results of the Comparative Analysis of Tempus DEUKS Project

Tatjana Davidović, Z. Marković, Z. Ognjanović, Mathematical Institute of the SANU, Belgrade, Serbia

  • 21:35 DEUKS International Research Projects - A Key Component of Contemporary PhD Studies

Miodrag Mihaljević, Z. Marković, Mathematical Institute of the SANU, Belgrade, Serbia

  • 21:45 DEUKS EUA Council for Doctoral Education–Lausanne Launch Conference 2008

Nataša Sladoje, S. Ghilezan, J. Pantović, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

  • 21:55 Novi program diplomskih akademskih studija kao osnova za doktorske studije na Elektronskom fakultetu u Nišu

Predrag Petković, V. Litovski, Elektronski fakultet, Univerzitet u Nišu, Niš, Republika Srbija

  • 22:05 – 23:00 Discussion

A particular importance of the Workshop is recognized in the fact that some practical experience of implementation of the doctoral programme in three different fields was presented. Among a number of discussions related to global issues, general aims, and formal organization of doctoral education, given during the meeting, Tempus Project presentations provided good practice examples.

We have presented and distributed the publication "Doctoral Education - a Road Towards European Knowledge Society", which is one of the results of the project activities related to a comparative analysis of the doctoral education models in Serbia and in EU.

Wednesday, March 4

The TREND meeting included participation of the highest state representatives, Božidar Đelić, the Minister of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, and dr Miroslav Vesković, deputu minister. Presentations were given by the representatives of the National Accreditation Board. The rest of the programme involved a number of presentations of the university members, from Serbia and other countries from the region, on different topics related to doctoral education.

Participation of project representatives in the TREND activities included fruitful discussions on the topics relevant for doctoral education during the whole TREND meeting.

Thursday, March 5

Discussion related to the coming project activities, with an emphasis on the summer school organization, in June in Novi Sad,

Friday, March 6

Discussions on further cooperation of the DEUKS partners on doctoral education in IT, and on sustainability of the project results. Agreement of all the participating institutions to develop Joint doctoral programme is achieved. This is a natural step forward for the existing consortium, from the developed doctoral programme developed within DEUKS and jointly run by UNS and MI-SANU, and the programme existing since earlier, jointly run by the DEUKS EU partners. A more detailed plan for this joint action is under development.

Saturday, March 7

   Departure from Kopaonik

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