From May 6 - 10, University of Udine organized the first Training of supervisors at EU faculties. The programme of the meeting is here.

Welcome notes were given by

  • prof. Maria D’Aronco, deputy rector of the University of Udine;
  • prof. Marina Lenisa, the project grant holder.

After that, following topics were presented and discussed:

  • Internationalization and III cycle: perspectives and strategies, prof. Furio Honsell, Mayor of Udine;
  • International opportunities for PhD students, Mrs. Elisabetta Vecchio, head of the IRO / Mrs. Sonia Bosero, IRO officer ;
  • PhD courses as a link between higher education and enterprises: the experience of the University of Udine, Mr. Renè Buttò, Research Department officer ;
  • Introduction to the Science and Technology Park and to the Techno Seed Incubator, Mr. Fabio Feruglio, director.

Visit to the Science and Technology Park and to the Techno Seed Incubator was organised, where supervisors had opportunity to learn about its development, organisation and following activities:

  • Techno Seed Incubator, Mr. Fabio Feruglio, director ;
  • The research group in Bioinformatics of the University of Udine, prof. Alberto Policriti, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (DIMI) & “Istituto di Genomica Applicata – IGA”.

Next day, training continued at University of Udine, with presentation of

  • The PhD in Computer Science at the University of Udine, prof. Pietro Di Gianantonio.

followed by presentation of DIMI research groups related to PhD:

  • Data basis and multimedial systems, prof. Angelo Montanari ;
  • Human - computer interaction, prof. Luca Chittaro ;
  • Formal methods, prof. Marina Lenisa ;
  • Artificial intelligence, prof. Carlo Tasso .

Following PhD students presented their PhD experiences and thesis:

  • Formal methods of computer science for biology, Miss Elisabetta De Maria ;
  • A User-Adaptive and Context-Aware Architecture for Mobile and Desktop Training Applications, Mr. Fabio Buttussi.

Afternoon session was mostly devoted to the analysis of the project implementation in RS cites:

  • The state of the advancement of the project actions in Novi Sad, prof. Jovanka Pantović, project partner ;
  • The state of the art of project implementation in Belgrade, Prof. Zoran Marković, project partner ;
  • Doctoral Programs and the process of accreditation at the Faculty of Engineering - UNS, Prof. Mila Stojaković, project partner;
  • The PhD studies in Computer Science at Warsaw University, prof. Pawel Urzyczyn, external expert from University of Warsaw ;
  • Tempus projects implementation at the State University of Novi Pazar, Ms. Diana Dolićanin .

During this session, a video conference was organised with participation of

  • prof. Silvia Ghilezan, project co-ordinator (participated from Novi Sad);
  • prof. Luigi Liquori, project partner (participated from Paris);
  • prof. Boban Velicković, (participated from Paris).

Finally, the working session was chaired by prof. Marina Lenisa, project grant-holder, where following issues were addressed and discussed:

  • Next activities to be implemented and future project perspectives;
  • Mobility of students and supervisors;
  • Administrative issues.

The training was successfully terminated after Farewell dinner.