From September 8 - 14, 2008 Polytechnique University of Valensia organized the second Training of supervisors at EU faculties. The programme of the meeting is here.

Tuesday, September 9

DEUKS project progress:

  • On doctoral courses and research topics in cryptology and information security, Prof. Miodrag Mihaljević, Mathematical Institute SANU, Belgrade ;
  • On some research topics and students involment at University of Novi Sad, Prof. Jovanka Pantović, University of Novi Sad ;
  • Doctoral school at "Paris Centre", Prof. Boban Veličković
  • Overview of research projects and student involments at INRIA Sophia;, Prof. Luigi Liquori, INRIA;

ELP group postgraduate topics at DSIC/UPV:

  • Automated software engineering, Prof. Maria Alpuente, leader of the ELP-group, DSIC, Polytechnique University of Valensia ;
  • Automated optimization of programs, Prof. German Vidal, DSIC, Polytechnique University of Valensia ;
  • Logics in software engineering, Prof. Alicia Villanueva, DSIC, Polytechnique University of Valensia ;
  • Description and analysis of concurrent systems, Prof. Javier Oliver, DSCI, Polytechnique University of Valensia ;
  • Data mining and learning, Prof. Cesar Ferri, DSIC, Polytechnique University of Valensia ;

Visit to CAC

Wednesday, September 10

Informatics studies at UPV (

  • Welcome note: Prof. Vicente Botti, Vice-rector for Information and Communications Technologies;
  • Prof. Emilio Sanchis, Dean of the Facultad de Informática
  • Prof. Antonio Vidal, director of the Master on Parallel and Distributed Computation (CPyD)
  • Prof. Francisco Casacuberta, director of the Master on Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Digital Image (IARFID)
  • Prof. Salvador Lucas, director of the Master on Software Engineering, Formal Methods, and Information Systems (ISMFSI)
  • Prof. Germán Vidal, Director of Research of the Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y Computación (DSIC)

Presentation of DEUKS project implementation:

  • Prof. Marina Lenisa, TEMPUS-DEUKS project grantholder
  • Prof. Silvia Ghilezan, TEMPUS-DEUKS project coordinator ;
  • New PhD modules proposal, Prof. Zoran Ognjanović, Mathematical Institute SANU, Belgrade ;
  • Involvement of students into research groups at University of Novi Sad, Jelena Ivetić, PhD student, University of Novi Sad ;
  • EUA Council for Doctoral Education - Lausanne launch conference report, Prof. Nataša Sladoje, University of Novi Sad ;

Thursday, Septembar 11

Visit to CPI

Coordination meeting

Friday, Saturday September 12-13

Work on Activity 2.2 "Defined and updated syllbus for existing modules"